Welcome to the Cincinnati Innovation Radar!

This is a tool we created for subscribers to help better understand the innovation ecosystem of Cincinnati. It’s an interactive resource that enables you to connect the dots and track how new ideas, university research, emerging technology, funding resources, and economic development are coming together to shape our future.

Find out where you and your organization fit in so you can help keep Cincinnati a world-class city!

It is free to use to all Cincinnati Future subscribers! Keep toggling below to learn how to use it and how to sign on.

This application is fairly straightforward and intuitive to use. There are a variety of ways in which you may interact. Below are the some of the most common processes:

  • Organizations that have been identified as key innovators in Cincinnati are represented by pins on a map. Please note, this list is growing and changing constantly as we, and our readers, contribute new information. You can go here to participate.
  • Click on a button at top of the map to filter by organizational role (e.g. “Accelerators” or “Venture Capital”).
  • Insert an address (City, State or Zip code) in search bar at top of map below to find innovators proximity to you – or simply allow your location services do that automatically.
  • Click on “Full Details” for any organization to access detailed information and links to published stories about the organization and its key people.
  • Use “Keyword Search for Organizations” near the bottom to drill down on companies and organizations.
  • Make sure your stories are told! Help us improve the radar by suggesting new organizations, updates, or new stories. Just click here to submit updates.


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