Child transportation service comes to Cincy

Photo by kryzhov for Shutterstock Forty-four percent of working parents spend five hours or more per week driving kids to and from school and activities, according to a report commissioned by HopSkipDrive. Add more kids and more activities, and the driving—including the stress from disrupting work to do it—can become unmanageable. Tom Gott, [...]

Cincy Startup makes noise with ultrasonic proximity technology

Image by By SFIO CRACHO for Shutterstock Friendly fraud—when a credit-card user disputes a legitimate charge—costs companies billions of dollars every year. And it’s on the rise as contactless delivery becomes more common. After all, how can you prove you delivered a pizza when your driver never even came face to face with [...]

CVG deploying tech to improve customer experience

CVG's TaskWatch, photo courtesy CVG. These days, you can’t miss the signs of growth at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG). Most notably, a 1.2-million-square-foot rental car facility is under construction, part of a three-year building program that also includes new roadways, new entrance and exit plazas, and a new main entrance. But CVG [...]

Hive Networks puts learning health networks to use

Patients, families, doctors, clinicians, and researchers all collaborating for better health care outcomes? This might have been impossible prior to the introduction of the internet, but a new learning health network (LHN) model is evolving and becoming more popular for many diseases and chronic conditions. Hive Networks is a technology software company whose sole purpose [...]

Cintrifuse goes virtual to continue building Cincy’s startup community

Cincinnati is one of the fastest-growing startup cities in the country, and Cintrifuse is on a mission to create the #1 startup hub in the Midwest. Through initiatives like StartupCincy, it's building connections and a community of startups and entrepreneurs to fuel a new economy. Cintrifuse is providing a robust ecosystem where innovators turn ideas [...]

IncludeHealth delivers next-generation care and training

Photo courtesy IncludeHealth Ohio-based IncludeHealth is a digital health and performance company delivering next-generation musculoskeletal care and training for people with and without disabilities. Flyover future spoke with CEO Ryan Eder about how his startup has evolved since its inception in 2009. What was your inspiration behind IncludeHealth? Eder: It all started through the lens [...]

Meridian Bioscience helps with COVID-19 test kit creation

Dr. Sergey Gubanov, Senior Director of Operations – Molecular..Courtesy of Meridian Bioscience Inc. Meridian Bioscience Inc., located in Cincinnati, is an international producer and distributor of a range of diagnostic test kits. While Meridian doesn’t make a COVID-19 test kit, it is using its proprietary technologies to help those developing tests for COVID-19. [...]

Best rated hospitals in the U.S.? They’re in Cincinnati!

Photo by argusfoto is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 Cincinnati has the best-rated hospitals in the nation, according to a new study. The study was published last week by Psy.D. Programs, a social community for clinical psychologists around the world. Cincinnati was the highest-ranked city in the study with an average rating of [...]

We are at the front of the global innovation district pack

Imagery Google, Maxar Technologies, Sandborn, U.S., USDA Farm Service Agency Map data Innovation districts have caught fire in recent years, with city leaders around the world recognizing their proven ability to revitalize economically depressed urban zones. Cincinnati, an early adopter of the innovation district model, just marked the 15th anniversary of its Uptown Innovation [...]