Here’s a review of this week’s questions: 

  1. Name the downtown Cincinnati movie theater, now closed, that was famous for midnight showings of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”
  2. What is the name of the news radio station that has kept Cincinnati up to date since 1922?
  3. “The Norse” is the team name for what college, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati in Highland Heights, Kentucky?

And here are the answers:

  1. Skywalk Cinemas opened in 1973 on Race Street in downtown Cincinnati. It was situated on the city’s system of elevated and mostly enclosed walkways known as the Skywalk. The two-screen theater screened “Jaws,” “E.T.: Extra Terrestrial” and Poltergeist” during its heyday. Of course, its showings of “Rocky Horror” became legendary, just as they had at theaters across the country in the 70’s and 80’s. Weekend after weekend, year after year, they came, performing “The Time Warp” on Fountain Square before climbing the steep steps to the theater to enjoy the mother of all interactive movies.
  2. The success of WLW in its earliest incarnation ran parallel to that of former Reds owner Powel Crosley Jr. Crosley was an inventor and entrepreneur who not only invented numerous models of radios but also had a hand in Cincinnati’s earliest radio broadcasts. WLW’s earliest transmissions were only 50 Watts, tiny in comparison to the 50,000 watts it now blasts across the AM dial. The station currently offers a 24-hour News/Talk format and is owned by iHeartMedia. Its diamond-shaped antenna is a distinctive feature of the town of Mason, Ohio.
  3. Northern Kentucky University is currently ranked fifth in the state for number of students with nearly 15,000 (UK is first with 29,000). Located just seven miles from downtown Cincinnati, its academic programs are organized into seven colleges, with a strong emphasis on Business, Law and Health Professions. Their athletics programs feature one of the most unique mascots in college sports. The Norse, personified by Victor E. Viking, strike fear in the hearts of opponents…not quite enough fear to defeat cross-state rivals UK in the first round of the 2017 NCAA basketball tournament, but they brought their fiercest game to the court in their 9-point loss to the Wildcats that year.

Thanks for playing!