Thanks for playing Know Your City! Let’s review the questions.

  1. On May 24, 1935, Cincinnati Reds Owner Powel Crosley debuted a special promotion that forever changed Major League Baseball. What was the promotion?
  2. After several unsuccessful businesses, a thirty-nine-year-old, 8th-grade dropout launched a legendary Cincinnati Record Label that music historians say helped create Rock N Roll. Who was he?
  3. Cincinnati is the hometown of Hollywood’s first female sex symbol, the original ‘vamp,’ and star of over 35 movies. Who was she?

And here are the answers.

  1. On May 24, 1935, at Crosley Field in Cincinnati, Powel Crosley introduced the first night-baseball game played under artificial lights.
  2. in 1943, Syd Nathan started King Records, which became the sixth-largest record company in America, the home of James Brown, and what historians call ‘True American Music.’
  3. Theda Bara, the stage name of Theodosia Goodman, was born in Cincinnati in 1890. She became Hollywood’s first sex symbol wearing a flower-bloom bra as Cleopatra in the 1917 epic.