Here’s a review of this week’s questions:

  1. What is the name of the diner on Reading Road (and now in OTR) that has been serving delicious breakfasts and lunches since 1941?
  2. What Cincinnati neighborhood was the site for five unsolved serial killings between 1904 and 1910?
  3. An HBO series with the word, “Cincinnati” in its three-word title aired for one season in 2007. It took place in Southern California and never mentions the city of Cincinnati. What was it called?

And here are the answers:

  1. Sugar ‘n Spice Diner is famous for their Wispy Thin Pancakes and Huge Fluffy Omelettes. Both locations are only open from7am to 3pm, so the emphasis is definitely on breakfast and lunch. Lunchier menu selections include basic burgers with funky iterations that draw on ethnic ingredients such as chorizo and tzatziki. Current owner Steven Frankel, the fifth since 1941, is dedicated to preserving the menu and capitalizing on the community gem’s pastel-deco vibe. He constantly works the room offering samples (a Godsend during those 45-minute waits on Saturday mornings), delivering beverages, and handing out rubber duckies to every customer in sight.
  2. The Cumminsville Murders took place in what is now referred to as South Cumminsville, North-west of downtown, it is bordered by the Clifton and Millvale neighborhoods. Also referred to as “the Cincinnati Streetcar Murders,” the victims were five women, all brutally attacked within a mile of each other. The crimes remain unsolved.
  3. “Deadwood” creator David Milch debuted his new series, “John from Cincinnati” in the prime spot of following “the Sopranos” on Sunday, June 10th, 2007. Unfortunately, that time slot didn’t help the series, which received decent reviews, despite lackluster ratings. Viewers who chose to deep-dive the narrative beyond the basic plot, which chronicles the surfing Yost family in Southern California, found lots to ponder. One of its many mysteries includes “John” himself, who represented a goofy, surfing Jesus Christ resurrected (get it? J.C.? John from Cincinnati?). “John’s” miracle, in the context of the series, was to help the dysfunctional family heal its psychological wounds and spread love and wisdom throughout Imperial Beach. Weird, right?

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