Thanks for playing Know Your City! Let’s review the questions.

  1. A jewel-box of a building capped by a silver dome, this place has been called ‘The Birthplace of American Astronomy.’ What is it?
  2. The Cincinnati Reds is a team that is near and dear to our hearts. But it wasn’t the first ball club formed in Cincinnati. What was the name of the first team?
  3. Before Cincy native Neil Armstrong and his crew left the moon for home during the Apollo 11 mission, they left quite a few objects behind to commemorate the mission. Can you name one of the most memorable objects?

And here are the answers:

  1. The Cincinnati Observatory, founded in 1843, is the oldest in the U.S. and boasts the oldest continually used astronomical telescope in the U.S.
  2. The Cincinnati Red Stockings—The ball club was formed in 1866 and broke a few records. In 1869, the red Stockings posted a perfect 67-0 record (against National Association of Base Ball Players clubs), prior to Major League baseball.
  3. In addition to their footprints, the crew left part of the landing module; mementos honoring fallen space explorers from the Apollo 1 mission; a silicon disc containing messages of goodwill from leaders in 73 countries; an American flag, and a collection of science experiments called the Early Apollo Scientific Experiment Package.

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