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  1. In the Roaring Twenties, Cincinnati was home to the King of the Bootleggers, a Prohibition Crime Boss equal to Al Capone, and a popular character on HBO’s period drama Boardwalk Empire. Who was he?
  2. Cincinnati enjoys a spot on the pro football record books for the Freezer Bowl, the second-coldest game in NFL history. Who did the Bengals face in the January 1982 American Football Conference Championship Game?
  3. A 19th-century Cincinnati Enquirer crime reporter and journalist is best-known as the writer who introduced Japanese culture, folktales, and life to the West. Who was he?

And here are the answers.

  1. George Remus, the Bourbon King, chose Cincinnati as the headquarters for his crime empire because 80 percent of the country’s bonded whiskey is located within 300 miles of the Queen City.
  2. A game-time temperature of -9 degrees at Riverfront Stadium makes Cincinnati’s Freezer Bowl the second-coldest game in NFL history. Forty-six thousand fans shivered while the Bengals defeated the San Diego Chargers 27-7.
  3. Lafcadio Hearn established his journalism reputation covering the police beat at the Cincinnati Daily Enquirer. His worldwide fame and academic acclaim come from his 29 books, especially his Japanese ghost stories.

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