Here’s a review of this week’s questions:

  1. What brand of beer, normally associated with Boston, has a taproom in Cincinnati’s Over-The-Rhine neighborhood?
  2. What is the children’s toy developed in the 1930’s by Cincinnati company Kutol?
  3. Two 1970’s TV shows filmed scenes at Cincinnati’s Kings Island theme park. One was “The Brady Bunch.” What was the other one?

And here are the answers:

  1. Sam Adams, aka “Boston Lager,” actually got its start in Cincinnati. Jim Koch, a Cincinnati native, used his family’s recipe and started brewing beer in his Cambridge, MA kitchen in 1984. Recognized as the founding father of the American craft brewery movement, Koch brought the brand back to his hometown in 1997, when he purchased the Hudepolh-Schoenling brewery on Central Parkway, Cincinnati, where many generations of Koch brewers had worked. The Cincinnati site serves as a brewery and taproom and has rental space available for public events.
  2. Play-Doh was first introduced in 1956, and has sold over three billion little cans since that time. “Invented by accident” at Kutol, a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of cleaning products, the product was originally used to remove soot from wallpaper. When coal started to phase out as a heating source in homes during the 1950’s, Kutol’s future looked dim, until a relative of the owner realized that it could be used to mold shapes and kids loved it! Now owned by Hasbro, this accidental invention has grown into a worldwide franchise that is as much a rite of passage for kids as it is an opportunity to be creative and have fun.
  3. The enormously popular and influential (depending on whom you talk to) TV show, “The Partridge Family” filmed an episode at Kings Island. Titled, “I Left My Heart in Cincinnati,” the episode is remembered by Danny Bonaduce, aka “Danny Partridge” as his favorite of the entire four-season run of the show. The plot of the episode involves the musical group performing at Kings Island, and a romance developing between Keith Partridge (David Cassidy) and public relations host at the park.

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