Here’s a review of the questions:

  1. In 2018, the Netflix film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, about Ted Bundy, was filmed in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Which actor played Bundy?
  2. What Brooklyn-based rock band started in Cincinnati and released the best- selling albums Crocodile and High Violet?
  3. The Reds won the World Series in 1919, playing against the American League team that went down in infamy due to the cheating scandal that rocked baseball that year. What team did the Reds defeat in 1919?

And here are the answers:

  1. Zac Effron. The High School Musical heartthrob took a dark turn for the film, which primarily focused on his girlfriend, played by Lily Collins. Bundy’s famous escape from the courthouse in Vale, CO, was actually shot in downtown Covington, KY.
  2. The National. The band, composed of UC students and friends of founder Matt Berninger, started as a lo-fi garage band called Nancy, before changing their name to The National and making the leap to New York and future success. Their tours have taken them from the Hollywood Palladium to Donnybrook Stadium in Dublin, Ireland; from the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta to the Festival Estereo in Bogotá, Colombia.
  3. The Chicago White Sox. Several White Sox players, including the immortal “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, were involved in allegedly throwing the series to benefit gamblers and mob figures. The tragic story is depicted in the 1988 movie, Eight Men Out.

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