Here’s a review of the questions:

  1. Cincy’s Kutol Products Company, Inc., has been manufacturing cleaning products since 1912. What side product are they responsible for creating?
  2. We all know Cincy’s connection to chili, but what other fast food item was created by a McDonald’s franchise owner in the city?
  3. We love us some Graeter’s ice cream. What makes Graeter’s ice cream production process different than any other in the world?

And here are the answers!

  1. PlayDoh–One of Kutol’s first products was wallpaper cleaner. It was a putty-like flour-based material that was the foundation of the totally cool modeling compound kids everywhere adore.
  2. The Filet-O-Fish–In 1962, Lou Green, created the sandwich in an attempt to give the many Catholics of Cincinnati something to eat on Fridays during Lent.
  3. Graeter’s is the only commercial ice cream maker in the world to use a French pot freezerer, a 2-gallon metal bowl that spins, forcing the product to the sides to freeze. The frozen parts are scraped off the walls of the French pot with a mechanical corkscrew blade and by hand, with a paddle until it all comes together into a frozen mass.

Thanks for playing!