Here’s a review of this week’s questions:

  1. What pottery store, which is located in OTR, has been an institution since 1880?
  2. Who is the Cincinnati Original that dressed as “Peanut Jim Shelton” in a tux and top hat, selling concessions to baseball fans at Crosley Field?
  3. Who was the heavyweight boxing champion from 1949-1951, also known as the “Cincinnati Cobra”?

And here are the answers:

  1. So much more than just a store, Rookwood Pottery Company’s flagship store can be found on Race Street in Over-the-Rhine. Want to dazzle your holiday visitors with hand-thrown “Luster” Christmas Trees? Rookwood’s got ‘em, along with kitchen décor, books, gifts, and even behind the scenes factory tours! The recently opened Rookwood Pottery Food and Beverage Company operates out of Rookwood’s old kiln facility on Celestial Street in Mount Adams and is already garnering rave reviews.
  2. Jim Tarbell has earned the title “Mr. Cincinnati.” Besides his antics at Reds games, he is responsible for opening Cincinnati’s world-famous music venue, Ludlow Garage. He also became involved in local politics in 1997, serving as city councilman, vice-mayor and county commissioner throughout the years. “Peanut Jim” is memorialized on a huge mural, “Mr. Tarbell Tips His Hat,” on Vine Street in downtown Cincinnati.
  3. Ezzard Charles was born in Georgia in 1921 and moved to Cincinnati when he was nine years old. He began his professional boxing career in March 1940 and fought 38 matches over the next three years. He won 33, lost four and had one draw. Twenty-one of his 33 victories were by knockouts. Twenty-two of his 38 matches were held in Cincinnati. He defeated heavyweight champion Jersey Joe Walcott in 1949 and boxing icon Joe Louis the following year. Charles passed away in May of 1975.