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  1. The 2019 movie The Public, filmed primarily in downtown Cincinnati, starred and was directed by this well-known Hollywood actor. He is the son of a screen legend who has not “ducked” the limelight in forging his own illustrious movie career. What is his name?
  2. This legendary second baseman won World Series Championships for the Reds in 1975 and 1976 and played in another World Series for the Phillies in 1983. He eventually had a statue of himself erected at Great American Ballpark in 2013.
  3. What is the name of the Wilder, KY, bar that has drawn ghost hunters from numerous cable TV channels to investigate strange goings-on that have occurred at the site, which was once the location of a slaughterhouse?

And here are the answers:

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  1. Emilio Estevez also wrote the star-studded movie, which also featured Christian Slater, Alec Baldwin and Michael Kenneth Williams of “The Wire.” Estevez comes from great lineage —his dad is Apocalypse Now and West Wing star Martin Sheen, and his brother is notorious Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen. The Public was a gripping drama about homeless citizens of Cincinnati seeking shelter from the bitter cold in the city’s public library. The former Breakfast Club and Mighty Ducks lead actor shot the movie in January 2017 at the city’s public library on Vine Street.
  2. Joe Morgan left an indelible impression on the Queen City. The Baseball Hall of Fame inductee helped the “Big Red Machine” leave its stamp on baseball history and thrilled Reds fans throughout the 1970s. He sadly passed away in 2020 at age 77.
  3. Bobby Mackey’s in Wilder, KY, 7 miles south of Cincinnati on Route 9, has an ominous history and continues to draw music fans and ghost-hunters to this day. Tales of insanely scary encounters, possible possessions, and an actual exorcism in 1991 have provided brave visitors with more than enough inspiration to visit the site. If they dare!