Startup helps police solve crimes

Data analytics seems to be the key to improved performance in every industry. Now the creators of a new app hope to help law enforcement more efficiently manage and share data to help solve and prevent crime. Peel9 is a software startup out of the University of Cincinnati’s Venture Lab that was created by three UC graduates who previously worked as law enforcement officers. The goal of Peel9 is “to use our built-in analytics to identify where problem crime areas are, so they can help prevent it,” Peel9 CEO Todd Levy said. The startup has received interest from law enforcement agencies across the U.S. and plans to start expanding in Ohio and neighboring states.

Cincinnati Future had the opportunity to talk with Todd Levy in January of 2021, read our interview here.

CinCor: Company to Watch

CinCor Pharma was co-founded by Catherine Pearce, who was unhappy with the fact that big pharmas were becoming acquisition machines, which left a lot of early-stage compounds and transactional research behind. In November 2021, CinCor completed a $143 million Series B financing round, toward supporting the continued development of a treatment for hypertension, primary aldosteronism, and chronic kidney disease. CinCor was recently covered by Life Science Leader as a “Company to Watch,” because of its goal to search out forgotten but still promising development candidates languishing in Big Pharma’s dusty closets.

Improving the speed of 5G

A researcher from the University of Dayton hopes to help improve the speed of 5G and beyond 5G wireless communication with a $166,520 National Science Foundation grant. Through his research, Feng Ye hopes to help reduce the overall process to less than five milliseconds in future 5G or beyond 5G communications. While anything under 200 milliseconds for transferring data is acceptable, Ye says that we need to prepare for the future of capabilities like remote surgery, which can’t can’t wait that long to do what it has to do.