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Typically, MLB teams have about 35 players on the active roster and then another 20-30 on a “taxi squad.” In the age of COVID-19, that’s too many players to train in one facility. So Cincinnati Reds’ management had to separate the two squads and find a way to monitor and evaluate the taxi squad remotely.

The Reds are monitoring their complex baseball operations using a new network-as-a-service (NaaS) solution from CBTS. The system, which is built on Cisco Meraki technology, lets the Reds’ front-office execs and scouts keep an eye on players in real time at any one of the team’s seven locations across the US, plus the new COVID-friendly location at Prasco Park in Mason.

Even with the cancellation of the entire 2020 minor league baseball schedule due to COVID, MLB execs still need to keep tabs on players and prospects. The CBTS/Cisco NaaS tech includes live video feeds, cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, routing, and security around the clock. Reds personnel have access to a centralized web dashboard, which lets them keep tabs on promising (and not-so-promising) talent, wherever they are in the organization.