Miami University

Miami University takes an immersive, practice-based learning approach to entrepreneurial education.

“Miami University’s undergraduate entrepreneurship program is a belief in the transformative power of learning by doing inside and outside the classroom. What sets our program apart from others is our commitment to graduate students who are ‘job-ready, day one,’” said Tim Holcomb, Chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Director of the John W. Altman at the Institute for Entrepreneurship.

It just takes a look at the 2019-2020 stats to illustrate the point:

  • 3,121 students enrolled in an entrepreneurship course at the John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship
  • 152 student founders launched 35 startups
  • Four research faculty published ten articles in scholarly journals, including seven Financial Times publications.
  • 710 angel investors, VCs, accelerator directors, and ecosystem builders from across the U.S. joined as mentors.
  • Student-led startups received $153k in venture funding.
  • Entrepreneurship students received $130k in scholarships.
  • 1,000-plus students participate in Startup Weekend and Social Innovation Weekend events.

“Our vision is that every student at Miami will have taken an entrepreneurship course to expose them to different aspects of our entrepreneurial world, whether it’s a startup, social, corporate innovation or creativity,” Holcomb says, speaking to the TrustedPeer Entrepreneurship Network.