Ryse celebrates success of its first manned drone flight

Ryse Aero Technologies has released video of the manned flight of its first offering called RECON, an all-electric ultralight vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. The drone-style six-prop multicopter has a single seat in the middle, which was piloted by Erik Stephansen, RYSE Aero Technologies’ Director of Regulatory Affairs and Aeronautics. The RECON’s inaugural flight marks a milestone in the company’s goal to expand aerial mobility to those living in rural areas and on large private lands. You can check out the video here.

Sweat sensor monitors health conditions

A new sweat sensor created by a University of Cincinnati electrical engineer represents a leap forward in wearable technology. Assistant professor Yeongin Kim and a team from MIT developed the lightweight skin sensor to monitor conditions such as heart disease, depression, or diabetes. The device fits like a Band-Aid and relies on surface acoustic wave tech to transmit health data wirelessly.

Erlanger company to do work for Mars missions

An Erlanger company is making waves in the water filtration field and now its tech is being used on the International Space Station for future Mars missions. AquiSense Technologies uses LEDs as the UV light source for making water safe to drink. The light tech disrupts the DNA in water so contaminants can’t replicate and are rendered inactive.

Northern Kentucky University opens supply chain excellence center

NKU opened the Verst Group Logistics Hub of Supply Chain Excellence. Through a partnership with Verst Group Logistics, the hub will be equipped to serve as the heart of the Global Supply Chain Management program at NKU. A key aspect of the hub will be providing students with experiential learning opportunities through client-based capstone projects, internships, and industry tours. The hub will offer guest speakers, roundtable sessions, conferences, emerging tech demos, a job postings kiosk, reference library, student huddle areas, and interview spaces. It will also serve as the home for the newly formed student chapter of the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM).

Aerospace startup joins Y Combinator accelerator

Aerospace startup Velontra has landed a spot in the Y Combinator accelerator. The accelerator, which has graduated companies like Dropbox and Stripe is coveted by startups. Velontra, founded in January 2021, has created a hypersonic space plane that will be able to take off from anywhere in any weather —and reach Mach 5 speeds.

Wings and Rings now using food-flipping robot

When we say that there is nothing that can’t be disrupted by new tech, we mean it. The Wings and Rings restaurant, located in Crestview Hills, is now using a robot to cook its wings. The robot, called Lil’ Flip, uses AI and nine cameras to identify different foods, dropping them into appropriate deep fryer baskets. The company worked with California-based Miso Robotics, which designs robots for the restaurant industry, to bring Lil’ Flip aboard. Bon appetit!