IncludeHealth is opening an innovation lab at the UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub. The health performance company is looking to showcase some of its offerings, such as IncludeStrength.

IncludeStrength grew from an idea that founder and CEO Ryan Eder had during his senior year at UC. He wanted to develop a workout machine that could be used by everyone, including those with disabilities. The company’s new tech, IncludeConnect, allows users to gather data from a workout machine via a sensor. Eder told Cincinnati Future that they are joining the Innovation Hub because many of the companies that are key partners are also the same companies that helped them grow.

P&G, Live Well (The Live Well Collaborative), and CincyTech were the first organizations to provide support and help us grow when it was nothing but an idea and some product renderings,” Eder said. “As 1819 was being constructed and as more collaborative partners joined the Cincinnati Innovation District, it provided an unparalleled amount of energy and opportunity under one roof.”