P&G helps produce first paper bottle

Procter & Gamble continues to show how a top company innovates. Toward its goal of reducing its use of virgin plastics by 50% by 2030, P&G has unveiled its first paper bottle in partnership with Paboco. The bottle is being described as the first of its kind to be produced at scale, both in terms of its design and technology.

Robotics innovation at P&G

So you thought it was hard to get things out of blister packs. P&G’s other announcement is that the company has programmed robots to get some of its products into blister packs as cheaply and accurately as possible. The key, according to Mark Lewandowski, director of robotics innovation at P&G’s global engineering center, is that the robots can orient the labels exactly.

Electrada raises more than $11.9 million

Downtown Cincinnati-based Electrada, which installs, owns and operates electric vehicle charging stations, has raised more than $11.9 million as part of a total equity offering worth $20 million, according to a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

High Enroll’s new mobile health app

Startup High Enroll is releasing a new mobile health care app that is intended to make it easier for physicians and others in the health care space to find and recruit patients for clinical trials.

Business intelligence and analytics are key to enterprise success 

Taiga Data, Inc. offers enterprise-quality business intelligence and analytics to all levels of the convenience store industry. Taiga CEO Greg Oakley and Bill Ivers, CRO and co-founder, participated in a podcast by the Kentucky Petroleum Marketers’ Association to talk about what baseball, business intelligence and improving the product mix in stores have in common. (On August 3, Cincinnati Future will run its own interview with Oakley in which he discusses the company’s origins and where it’s headed).