Flying cars

Prototypes of flying cars are being tested and refined in Southwest Ohio. Dayton’s Parallax Advanced Research is poised to be at the center of the next flight revolution.

Hearty launches professional network

Hearty has announced the launch and funding of a new Professional Recommendation Network, where people help each other find opportunities. Hearty is the next act for executive leaders from Ahalogy, a Cincinnati-based startup that was acquired for $50 million last year.

6 startups chosen for Main Street Ventures funding

Main Street Ventures has selected six startups for its newest round of grant funding of $90,000. Four of the companies received a launch grant, while two received leap grants.

UC finds treatment for rare disorder

University of Cincinnati researchers have found a more effective treatment for rare condition called Pompe, in which the body can’t make a protein that breaks down glycogen. Pompe disease affects about 1 in 40,000 people in the United States. It largely impacts children, but it can also present later in life as well.

Expanding searchable convictions database

Allen County is serving as a pilot site for a statewide project spearheaded by the Ohio Supreme Court to expand its easily searchable database of criminal convictions in Ohio. The Ohio Sentencing Data Platform was created in 2020 in conjunction with the School of Information Technology at the University of Cincinnati.

Airway Therapeutics application accepted by FDA  

The FDA accepted Airway Therapeutics’ application for an investigational drug treatment for COVID-19. Airway is now initiating a Phase 1b clinical trial for the protein replacement therapy, known as AT-100AT-100, for use in Covid-19 patients to confirm its feasibility, safety, and tolerability.

Abre partners with Pay Theory  

K–12’s leading administration platform provider Abre is partnering with Pay Theory, a tech company that provides payment solutions for school districts, childcare, and families.

GE Aviation powers Boeing’s F-15EX Eagle  

The U.S. Air Force revealed Boeing’s F-15EX Eagle II at a ceremony at Eglin Air Force Base. The new series of aircraft are powered by GE Aviation’s F110 engine.