Cincy and FinTech

Read about how Cincinnati has become a hotbed of FinTech innovation, leading to a number of startups creating a new generation of FinTech businesses.

RFID tech in penguins

A zookeeper at The Cincinnati Zoo has been perfecting RFID tech in the inhabitants of the two penguin exhibits to get information about how often they swim.

SoCap Accelerate’s 2nd cohort

SoCap Accelerate has unveiled the participants of its second cohort with the goal of helping health care-related companies grow and scale their businesses.

Miami’s new health sciences center

The new Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness (CHSW) facility at Miami University will comprise three wings: three academic programs and three clinics both figuratively and collaboratively.

Potential pancreatic cancer treatment

Davendra Sohal, MD, a University of Cincinnati researcher and UC Health physician, is leading a national trial for a possible therapy for pancreatic cancer.

Sense Neuro Diagnostics  

Sense Neuro Diagnostics, a company developing tech for brain injury and the top vote-getter in Cincy Inno’s bracket style competition Tech Madnessis starting to make waves.