Queen City Angels investments

Queen City Angels has closed an investment with Joot, a two-year-old company that applies automation and technology to improve the SEC compliance process for small and medium-sized financial advisory firms.

How do astronauts do their laundry?

Add this one to things you never thought about. P&G has signed a contract with NASA to develop the first detergent for washing clothes in space. The collaboration will contribute to NASA’s goal of sustainable long-term exploration.

Researchers regenerate skin

Scientists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital have used new stem cell tech to regenerate living patient-specific skin in the lab. The purpose of the study is to see how inherited DNA defects cause deadly squamous cell carcinoma in children and young adults with Fanconi anemia.

Kroger makes big step in precision marketing plan

84.51° and its retail media business, Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM)– has teamed up with leading streaming platform Roku to create precision TV targeting at scale. 84.51°’s data science can provide insight into purchase behavior over time predict which households are likely to convert.