Image by Shawn Goldberg for Shutterstock 

Cincinnati’s GE Aviation has developed an app to help keep airline passengers safe and airlines financially healthy during the COVID pandemic. It uses blockchain technology and QR codes to ensure passenger health, crew health, seat-and-tray-table cleanliness, and faster boarding. GE Aviation worked with TE-FOOD, a German company that uses blockchain to track the food supply chain. Airlines and airports are testing the app now.

Here’s how it works: A passenger can scan their passport to create a QR code and then follow the airline’s instructions to show proof of a negative COVID test or other health status. Blockchain keeps the private data secure and, pending airline adoption of the technology, allows for a quicker boarding process. Once aboard the aircraft, the passenger can use the app to scan their seat and tray table to verify it was cleaned before the flight.

David Havera, the app’s designer and general manager of GE Aviation’s blockchain solutions, hopes to extend the app to hotels and ride-sharing services.