The supply chain might not be the most riveting subject for many consumers, who—after all—have come to expect that the products they want will just be there. However, as the pandemic has led to months of bare shelves, people have become more conscious of what it takes to bring the tater tots and toilet paper to their local grocery.

Ironically, the flaws in the supply chain that were revealed when the pandemic hit are driving new opportunities and solutions. This is nowhere more apparent than in the Cincy area, which CincyTech CEO Mike Venerable says has strong assets that will drive growth.

For instance, the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has developed a flourishing cargo business, thanks in part to big players like Amazon. And established companies such as Verst Logistics offer everything from fulfillment to freight services. And then there are startups—like Frayt, which has found a niche making on-demand commercial deliveries, and ConnXus, which builds tools to connect suppliers with buyers.

Supply chain trends may turn out to be more riveting than we thought.