Advanced mobility solutions in Ohio

JobsOhio announced the launch of AccelerateOhio, a new campaign focused on attracting companies and organizations involved in scaling advanced mobility solutions in Ohio, including automotive, aviation, aerospace, and military industries. The collaborative effort between the state of Ohio, JobsOhio, and 15 public and private organizations will offer stakeholders access to an impressive and growing advanced manufacturing workforce across the state.

DOD provides $2M for musculoskeletal research

With $6 million of funding, including $2 million from the U.S. Department of Defense, a University of Cincinnati Venture Lab-backed startup is developing methods to treat musculoskeletal disorders that are minimally invasive and could regenerate damaged tissue. Mason-based Amplicore is working on multiple products to treat joint osteoarthritis, cartilage damage, degenerative disc disease and acute meniscus tears.

Clean Earth Rovers to launch first rover

This summer, Clean Earth Rovers, a Venture Lab-backed startup, will launch its first autonomous rover for collecting debris from waterways. Cincinnati Future interviewed the startup’s co-founder Michael Arens last year.

CincyTech invests in low/no-code platform

CincyTech announced the closing of a $1.5 million Series Seed investment in TeamCentral, a provider of a low/no-code data integration platform. CincyTech led the financing with participation from TC investment partners. The company originated from an innovation program at Centric Consulting, an international management consulting firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Mistaken 911 calls from King’s Island

More than just adrenaline rushes and mental trauma are happening on King’s Island’s more thrilling rides. There are also a lot of accidental 911 calls. The movements of the rides can cause some smartphones to call 911 without the rider knowing. Warren County Emergency Services is now using software that sends a text to the caller that tells them ‘We got an emergency call, we know where you are in the park’ and asks if it’s a real emergency. After receiving the text, the person can respond to whether they need help or not.