UC prof builds 3D-printed organs-on-chips tech

University of Cincinnati assistant professor Riccardo Barrile is working on creating living human organs and tissues by combining stem cells, 3D bioprinting and organs-on-chips technologies. Barrile’s work will focus on targeting personalized treatments to the cellular and molecular mechanisms that govern organ functions during health and illness.

Autonomous vehicle tech comes to CVG

CVG continues to position itself for the future by embracing technology. ThorDrive is bringing autonomous vehicle tech to the airport’s campus. The strategy will offer a live operating environment for the technology with long-term benefits.​

Four businesses recognized by Deloitte as Rising Stars

Deloitte has selected four companies as Rising Stars, based on their success in growing revenue, reach, and respect in the business world. The companies are Clubessential, BrightView Health, Losant, and 80 Acre Farms.

NKU wins innovation honor

NKU has big news at its Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It has been named one of the top five universities globally for the CIE’s entrepreneurship educational opportunities. And NKU students are seizing the moment—from Newport on the Levee to Silicon Valley.

Kroger announces new region for high-tech Customer Fulfillment Center

Kroger plans to construct an additional Customer Fulfillment Center (CFC) in the South region, while also collaborating with Ocado on in-store fulfillment (ISF) capabilities with a planned rollout across Kroger stores, beginning in 2021. The CFC model – incorporating state-of-the-art automation and AI – will be used to expand Kroger products to a larger footprint.