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Celebrating Cincinnati’s Innovation

Cincinnati's Innovation

From the days it went by “Porkopolis,” a river city in the burgeoning Midwest, Cincinnati has played an important role in the nation’s economic development. That holds true today, as the “Queen City” and its greater metropolitan area is currently the fastest growing economic region in the Midwest. With 50% of America’s population and 70% of the nation’s manufacturing capability within a day’s drive (the most of any major city in the United States), Cincinnati is a major player in the nation.

And with three major league sports teams and a popular arts scene, Cincinnati also offers a rich cultural experience to its citizens and visitors.

At Cincinnati Future, we bring you compelling and informative articles on Cincinnati’s growing and changing business ecosystem. Focusing on startups, incubators, research, universities, and investments, we will cover the initiatives, technologies, and people driving Cincinnati into the future.

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In the summer of 2019, Flyover Media Group launched its first product, Flyover Future, an email newsletter about the innovative endeavors that are transforming so-called “Flyover Country”, or the areas most commonly referred to as the Midwest.

In doing this, we spend a lot of time looking at the amazing research coming out of regional universities and the synergistic relationships between these institutions and the vibrant business and talent attraction scenes in cities. More specifically, we focus on topics ranging from robotics to health technology to startups and beyond. Any innovation that’s helping our cities thrive, is fair game for us.

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